Wood Pellets

Since 2006 we have collected a vast experience offering our services for transportation of wood pellets.

As of 2006, we have handled more than 400,000 metric tons of pellets through the port of Ust-Luga, Arkhangelsk, and Vyborg in Russia. Now we can confidently offer our unique knowledge in setting up mobile all-weather warehouses at the open areas using the MK containers stacked in order to improve the preservation of pellets: this is required due to the prolonged accumulation period while awaiting of the ship in the port of export.

  • FBC MK-14-10 is not just a packaging option for pellets, but the only immediate and  economical solution to build an “instant” warehouse for storage and further unloading of  pellets in bulk into the holds of vessels. This solution is flexible, mobile, and does not require a substantial investment to install.
  • Construction of some large port terminals for trans-shipment of biofuels in Ust-Luga and other Russian ports seems as a pretty long-term future projects. Such major infrastructure projects requires a lengthy time frames for implementation as well as a huge investment volumes.
  • We all tend to consider the traditional solutions as a rule of thumb while missing the innovative technologies, such as flexible containers MK-14-10 designed by the Moscow-based NTT company (JSC "New Technologies in Transportation"): these technologies are now in use for the past 10 years in other industries which requires some special solutions to transport and storage of large volumes of bulk cargo.