Over the last 5 years we offer MK-14-10 containers for grain to be moved by means of rail and road transport, for trans-shipment in the ports of Russia for further exportation for the major global traders Cargill and Bunge, as well as for the Russian manufacturers and grain traders.

Only the specially certified MK containers are used for the transportation of grain, solvent, food additives. Each container holds 10 metric tons of grain.

Containers could be used for accumulation of loading batches of 10,000-15,000 tons right at sea port yards. At the site MK-14-10 are stacked in three levels. Open air storage of grain products in the MK-14-10 is possible for up to a month without any loss of quality and quantity of the product. Our containers can provide a higher rate of loading / unloading operations:

  • in a vessels – up to 5,000 tons a day,
  • in / out of wagons - up to 2000 tons a day,

which helps to eliminates stalling time and excess usage of wagon fleet.